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Flaxrolls were created in 2004 when Tarjei Anderssen, then the “Salmon Roll Man”, was compelled to find an alternative to puff pastry to make his salmon roll. One morning, while eating a flaxseed cereal and reading about the #Omega3 in flaxseed, the thought came to him that flaxseed and salmon together would make a ‘Super Omega 3’ combination. 

Soon he had put together a ground flaxseed and rye flour dough which he used to make the first Flax Salmon Roll. The creation was shared with a chef-customer, who said “What you have created is obscene!” meaning the Salmon FlaxRoll was so fantastically creative, tasty, healthy, and just extraordinarily awesome! 

Then chef said, “But now, ‘Mr. Salmon Man’, you need to take your blinkers off and see the whole world out there full of #vegetables.” 

And the creations began...… Mex Veg, Curry Chickpea …. varieties with familiar flavour profiles such as a burrito and a samosa. But the Ginger Coconut Yam FlaxRoll creation came out of a dream and is our own unique flavour profile. It is one of the most popular varieties. 

The demand for a #glutenfree wrap encouraged Tarjei, now the “FlaxRoll Man”, to create a dough without rye flour yet still maintain a healthy and nutritious profile. Using other nutritious seeds and grains, such as #buckwheat and #millet, a gluten-free dough is now used for all FlaxRoll varieties.

FlaxRolls are naturally #plantbased, using ingredients just as they are. There are now over 15 FlaxRoll varieties, with 10 #Vegan varieties. 

FlaxRolls are naturally high in #fiber with almost 2 tablespoons of ground #flaxseed in each Flaxroll, providing up to 34% of the RDA of fibre in just one FlaxRoll.

They are convenient, delicious and good for EVERY body! #FlaxRolls are a great way to have flax anytime, anywhere!


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