FlaxRolls® are gluten-free ground flaxseed wraps baked with a variety of delicious ingredients bringing you all the health benefits of fabulous flaxseed. 9 VEGAN OPTIONS to choose from!

BULK ORDERS DIRECT TO YOU!** Flaxrolls are shipped frozen.

The minimum order is the bulk case size of 40 FlaxRolls (125 grams each). Select either:

   1) UNBAKED Frozen (Oven-Ready) C$125*, OR

   2) FRESH BAKED Frozen, (Heat & Serve) C$135*

Within each Case of 40 FlaxRolls, 1 to 4 different varieties can be selected, with a minimum of 10 FlaxRolls of each variety.

If choosing more than one variety per case, select the 10 or 20 FlaxRoll quantity. 

[Compare to SRP of $4.25 per FlaxRoll]

* Salmon variety is C$135/C$145

First Order Promotion

Try out 8 varieties and find your favourites!!! Click the 5 FlaxRolls quantity to select 8 different varieties to meet the Case size minimum order of 40 FlaxRolls.

FlaxRolls® are fast, convenient and an excellent source of FIBRE, OMEGA 3 and PROTEIN:

           ♦  Up to 10g of Fibre (34% RDA)

           ♦  4g of Omega 3

           ♦  Up to 11g of Protein 

FlaxRoll® wraps are all natural.

NO preservatives, NO artificial additives, NO refined sugars. 

Add a dip, salsa or sauce. Pair with a smoothie, salad, or soup.

Enjoy hot or cold, anytime, anywhere.