'Heat and Serve' Preparation, and Serving Suggestions

Preparation for BAKED frozen FlaxRolls

  • Thaw in cooler first. For serving, REHEAT in hot standard oven of 200ºF for 2-3 min; OR in microwave (30 sec), then ‘toast/crisp’ in toaster or panini grill.
  • OR Reheat from frozen in hot standard oven @250ºF for 10 min, OR in an AIR FRYER.
  • OR Reheat from frozen baked FlaxRolls in microwave 1-1.5 min (depending on microwave), then ‘toast/crisp’ in toaster/panini grill or hot oven for 1 min.

    Shelf Life:

    Frozen: 10 months;
    Fresh baked Flax Rolls: 5 - 6  days in cooler


    SERVING SUGGESTIONS – serve hot or cold

    Add a dip, sauce or salsa. Serve with a smoothie, juice, cut vegetables, salad.

    Dip suggestions: Tzatziki dip; salsa, hummus; creamy ranch, dill, or ceasar dressing. See 'Dips, Sauces' for some vegan versions.

    CATERING: For hors d’oeuvres: Cut in 4 or 5 pieces and reheat. Add a dip.